I always love giving credit where credit is due, and a LOT of people have helped me by lending their creativity to create this website.  Credit is given on-page whenever possible, but for some of the other pages (like the homepage) I can’t add captions so I’m adding them here.

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Sparkle SEO – muchas gracias to my comrade Dan Smith for helping get this site looking great and displaying properly in mobile browsers.


Photography Credits

Washington DC Wedding DJ

The homepage main photo was taken by Lisa Marie at Sweet Tea Photography.  Visit her website!

DJ Evan Reitmeyer

My quite sexy headshot was taken by Geoff Chesman at Geoff Chesman Visuals.  Visit his website!

LGBT Wedding DJ in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

This photo from Jeb and Mark’s wedding at Carnegie was taken by Emily Chastain.  Visit her website!

Evan Reitmeyer, Wedding DJ in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC

This photo of me in action was taken by Aaron Spicer.  Visit his website!