Online Planning

Upon booking me, you will receive an account for my online planning system, which is a fabulous tool to help you build a playlist and send me all of the information I need to make your event a success.  It’s a great way to stay organized and keep all of your information stored in one place.  The system consists of three main sections:

  • Event Timeline – Create and submit the schedule of events
  • Planning Form – Send all of the information for special songs and announcements
  • Music Database – Build a playlist for your event, including “must play” and “do not play” lists.

Once I receive your contract and deposit, you’ll get a PDF copy of your contract and your password via email.  If you have already received your password, you can log in using your wedding date below.

Online System Login:

If you have not booked yet and want to take a look at the music that is available in the online planning system, you can use the tool below to perform searches. Please note that this database does not include all of my music, it is specifically missing a lot of my world music collection and much of the indie rock that I carry with me. If you are interested in requesting a song that isn’t listed in the system, you can use the “Add a custom song” button once you are logged in. If I don’t already own any of your requests, I will purchase them at no charge to you.

Music Database Test Search

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