Why You Should Hire Me

Now that you know a little bit about me, you’re probably wondering if I’m the right DJ for your wedding.  The truth is, I’m not sure.  I’ve done small weddings, big weddings, multi-cultural weddings, simple weddings, and really complicated weddings.  When I am working a wedding that’s the right fit for me, everything just “clicks” – I’m happy, my clients are happy, and their guests are happy.  I have a very specific style and what I do isn’t right for everyone – after reading this you should have an idea whether I’m the right fit for you and why you should hire me.

Evan Reitmeyer, Wedding DJ Washington DC

It’s been nearly 15 years since I DJed my first wedding and no two weddings are exactly alike, I treat every single wedding as a fresh opportunity to do what I do best. That said, after performing for over 1000 weddings, I have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t work.

Nowadays I only take 40-45 weddings per year, and I will only do a maximum of one wedding per day and two weddings per weekend – it helps me maintain my focus on my clients and give each wedding my undivided attention.  I absolutely love doing weddings, I love the craft and the creative challenge of getting a large, diverse group of people to come together on the dance floor.  So, is your wedding a good fit for me?  Here are a few things that might help you decide…

  • I DJ weddings that are fun.  Really fun.  If you want your guests to have a “nice time” but not go crazy on the dance floor, I’m probably not your guy. I will make sure that your wedding is elegant and tasteful all the way through dinner, but once the dance floor opens I want a throw-down dance party for the rest of the night.
  • I am a professional, polished emcee with a great voice.  However, I am not a “party motivator” DJ and I will not get on the microphone to “get the party started” like it’s a Bar Mitzvah or an episode of Jersey Shore.  If you are looking for someone to do this at your wedding, I would be happy to refer you to a DJ that specializes in that sort of thing.
  • I’m happy to play whatever you would like, but if you leave it up to me I’m going to skip the line dances and cliché songs that seem like they get played at every wedding. I’m interested in getting to know you as a couple and building an amazing playlist that reflects your tastes, and also doesn’t come across as cheesy or predictable.
  • I will make sure that your guests have an awesome time and dance like crazy.  I will not get on the dance floor and teach them the latest line dance – I stay behind the DJ table. I will get your guests to dance using a combination of jedi-level song selection and studio-quality, seamlessly beatmixed transitions.
  • I don’t offer “add-ons” or “upgrades” or any additional services besides being an amazing wedding DJ.  I don’t have party lights or funny hats or any kind of props, and I will not try to “up-sell” you on anything.  When you contact me I will give you a custom quote that includes everything needed to make your wedding a success.
  • I’m really, REALLY easy to work with, and I am incredibly low-maintenance.  My clients often tell me I’m the one thing from their wedding that they didn’t worry about, and I like that.  I’m not interested in stressing you out or making you jump through a bunch of hoops, and you can give me as much or as little direction as you feel comfortable with.  I’m happy to help wherever you need me, and if you would rather just let me “do my thing” then that’s fine too.

If this sounds good to you, I would love to work with you. If you don’t think I’m a good fit for your wedding, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to refer you to one of my DJ friends who would be a better fit. If you still have questions, take a look at the Questions & Answers page or simply contact me to check my availability for your wedding date. I can’t wait to hear from you!